Kick off discussion of the future of DBAs

The premise of this is that the traditional role of the DBA is rapildy disappearing and I’m wondering what will happen to the work of the DBA.

Frist, some background. We can define the database instance as the database processes running on the server along with the associated software. Further we can define the database as the actual the data in the database files on disk. Traditionally the DBA role has been dominated by managing the instance; managing the database software, the server processing resources, the disk space, locks, etc. Very little of the DBA’s focus is on the database or the data itself.

With increasing automation of the instance or accessing the instance as a software service from a third party, this focus will turn around. The DBA will spend less and less time managing the instance. What will the DBA then do?


One Response to Kick off discussion of the future of DBAs

  1. dbametrix says:

    Hi Gord,

    Good. Please keep it up.


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