What’s Next

If much of the traditional DBA job is disappearing, what are DBAs left to do?

At DBAzine.com there is discussion of DBAs getting more involved with the business, more with the development groups, the end users and with management. While this has merit, I wonder how this will play out. Will DBAs be more involved with the business or will the business be more involved with the DBA? Instead of the DBA getting more business roles, will the existing data analysts and database developers simply absorb the remaining DBA work. As such some of the “DBA work” will remain but the role would just disappear.

I see an analogy with word processing. At one time there were word processing departments which received rough drafts or dictation and turned out finished documents. A long time ago there were typing pools, same thing. Today, with a few exceptions, everyone does their own word processing. Those few exceptions are handled by admin assistants or receptionists. The word processing department has been adsorbed into the rest of the business.

Will the DBA role also just be absorbed?


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