Does IE vs FireFox Matter?

ITBusiness recently another report on the browser wars, this time the debate being on the market share of IE7 vs FireFox 2.

I have to ask, does anyone really care about this anymore? I use FireFox 2 and IE7 interchangeably, I often don’t even notice which one I’m using.

The only it reason it seems to matter to me is that the integration with Google Bookmarks works better in FireFox, so I tend to use FireFox more often. In fact I switched to Google Bookmarks to avoid the hassle of synchronizing bookmarks between the two browsers.

Given the growing competition between Google and Microsoft, we shouldn’t be surprised that IE7 doesn’t have a lot of support for Google but I wonder if Google Apps will be the “killer” app that eventually drives up FireFox usage?


One Response to Does IE vs FireFox Matter?

  1. dbametrix says:

    Hi Gord,

    As per my view, firfox is more stable than IE.


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