At this job I am getting my first experience with having a Blackberry and I’m rather surprised how much I like it. I used to laugh at people who would sit at their desks using a Blackberry rather than the PC on the desk but now I do it myself. There is something attractive about the Blackberry user interface, it is so simple compared to the complexity of Outlook. Or perhaps it is just a nice break from PC screen.

The fact that is instant on or just always on like my cell phone is a big part of it as well. I would rarely sit through booting XP just to check email but with the Blackberry I just have to pick it up. I always liked that about my Palm handhelds as well.

I don’t really like the thumbwheel interface though. I’ve been a Palm user for about a decade, it seems unnatural to me that I can’t just tap on the screen to select what I want. The little button keyboard is a mess for me, my fingers are too big for the buttons. Palm handwriting recognition is much better. I just use the Backberry for reading.

So, in the end, I like the idea of the device but I would prefer a Palm Treo.


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