Thin client this time?

We’ve heard the thin client promise for years, remember X terminals and JavaStations? Remember how Netscape scared Microsoft into giving IE away to drive Netscape out of busness? In every case, the thick client, essentially MS Office, has prevailed.

The thin client has failed so many times before, why might this time be different?

  • Companies like Google (and even MS) are spending big bucks to build the necessary backend infrastructure, like those infamous Google datacentres and Google Apps
  • With mobile devices, we are no longer tied to our PCs so a PC-centric solution is less appealing, Instead of a PC, why not just attach a keyboard and monitor to my cellphone?
  • The cost of maintaining a network of PCs is now seen as onerous. Leave all that upgrading and virus scanning to Google.
  • A lot of business in-house apps have already moved to an web based model on Java or MS.Net.

Let’s all read about it in Nick Carr’s new book “The Big Switch”. I’ve already pre-ordered my copy.


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