My Sun SQL

The bottom end of the database market may get a shakeup now that Sun has bought MySQL. We’ll have to see what sort of support models Sun comes up with but this should remove enterprise class support as a concern, especially for customers already on Sun systems.

For price or license sensitive customers,  paying no license at all is obviously appealing. Just removing the hassle of tracking licenses is an incentive itself. Will the bottom now drop out of the bottom of the market? Of the big three, I would suspect SQLserver is most vulnerable since it is sold on price more than Oracle or DB2. Anyone buying Oracle Enterprise licenses can’t very price sensitive, I don’t see much impact there and Oracle already gives away low end versions.

If Sun has success with MySQL, will it drag PostgreSQL up along with it? PostgreSQL is already “commercialized” as EnterpriseDB and RedHatDB but I haven’t seen much traction in the market so far.

I can’t help thinking this is a bit of a shot back at Oracle. Oracle now supports Linux, undercutting Sun’s preeminence as the Oracle platform of choice. So Sun shoots back by supporting MySQL.

I never understood why a software company like Oracle would encourage open source software. For Sun (or IBM or HP), using open source software to possibly drive hardware sales makes some sense but for Oracle? I don’t get it.


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