Oracle Versions

A funny/sacrcastic post from Tom kyte regarding the urban legends around which Oracle versions are more “stable”. Mr. Kyte’s point being that there is absolutely no hard evidence that any one production release is “better” than another. It is just urban legend.

Ask Tom

To add to that point, let’s look at the idea that the R2 or R3 is the “best” release to use.
Any one the following scenarios could have been the numbering scheme for the current releases of Oracle. It was largely a marketing decision which scheme was chosen

10gR1 10gR1 10gR1
10gR2 11gR1 10gR2
11gR1 11gR2 10gR3

The current 11gR1 release could easily have been 10gR3 or 11gR2. Would that somehow have made it magically more stable?

The lesson being to avoid getting caught up in the folklore about what release is “best”. Instead pick the release that best meets your needs and test it appropriately. That will be your “best” release.

And a prediction, the next release will be 12c. c is for cloud, cloud computing will be called the next step beyond the grid. I’m not counting on seeing a 11gR2 and I expect Oracle will simply drop the release numbers to get around this whole “which release is best” nonsense.


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