Gibson was Wrong

Gibson being William Gibson the author who is often credited with coining the term cyberspace in his novel Neuromancer. He gave us the romantic metaphor for the early internet as this alternate utopia where the “real” world rules didn’t or couldn’t apply. Many early users really believed it too.

Truth is, it wasn’t that the real world rules didn’t apply, it was just that the real world didn’t care enough to bother. As long as there was no money and few users, no one cared what sort of utopia Net users dreamed of. Remember back when the ‘Net was non-commercial?

Now that there is lots of money to be made, the “real” world  cares big time and cyberspace has evaporated. The real world has simply absorbed it.

If anything, many of us now may think the real world rules don’t apply enough as we find the internet has become a haven for spammers and thieves

To the millenium generation the notion of cyberspace is quaint at best. They have never known a world without full time high speed connectivity, without always on instant messaging, etc.. It is just a part of their “real” world.


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