Working in the Cloud

A thought experiment of what it might be like for a user working for a full cloud enabled company. Meaning a company that has moved its entire IT infrastructure to the cloud.

The workers  will still use a laptop-like device optimized for the cloud. I can’t resist, let’s call it a cloudtop. It might be much like a MacBook Air though an iPhone would work equally well. I just like laptops over phones or PDAs. And an aside, further proof that Steve Jobs is really a time-travelling alien who comes to us from about 10 years in the future.

The cloudtop has WiFI, WiMax and cellular, so it is connected to the cloud all the time from just about anywhere. It also has a VoIP+cellular phone so it can place calls from just about anywhere, automatically picking VoIP where ever possible of course.

At the office, the cloudtop doesn’t need to be plugged into anything. It is already connected to the cloud. In fact. there is nowhere to connect it, the office has no need for networking, and has none. Just electrical power, to recharge the batteries. No telephone network either, the cloudtop has VoIP already. The company uses a CloudPBX service to route all of its calls, available from anywhere of course.

Which leads to the question, why have the office at all? All it provides are empty desks and empty meeting rooms. You don’t need to lease expensive business real estate for those. The business doesn’t reside there, it is in the virtual “real estate” in the cloud.


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