MySQL 5.1

The GA release of MySQL finally approaches, perhaps by sometime in November, let’s just say end of the year. I think this will be a watershed release for MySQL and open-source databases in general. Meaning 2009 should be an interesting year.

The 5.1 release finally has the major features that we might say a “real” ( or “Oracle” ) database ought to have – referential integrity, ACID transaction (using Oracle’s InnoDB!), MVCC and partitioning. And now commercial support from well known and trusted vendor Sun. I think a lot of customers paying those high Oracle & DB2 license fees will be giving this a serious look in 2009.

Now of course PostgreSQL already has all this and it really hasn’t caught on yet. PostgreSQL just never built up the user base the way MySQL did with the LAMP users. As MySQL leverages that big user base with this new fuller featured release, perhaps MySQL will drag PostgreSQL along with it in 2009.

Where does that leave the Oracle DBA in 2009? With open-source databases and cloud computing coming on strong in 2009, the Oracle DBA should definitely be looking for a broader skill set.


2 Responses to MySQL 5.1

  1. Innodb, with referential integrity, transactions, and MVCC has been available since version 3.23.
    Commercial support has been therefor at least 8 years. What Sun offers is just a re-branding of MySQL first class support, which has determined MySQL commercial success and eventually its acquisition for $1b.
    What is new in MySQL 5.1. are partitioning, the event scheduler, row based replication, logs on demand, XML extensions.

  2. Gord Irish says:

    Great comment all, thank you. As I see it, I should have looked at MySQL sooner, it has had many key features for awhile. The biggest value of the Sun aquisition may be just that more of us take a good look.

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