Oracle in the Cloud

When I received my pre-ordered copy of The Big Switch last January I read it with the mindset that what Nick Carr was talking about was 2,5, maybe even 10 years in the future.

Boom, the future just arrived.

Oracle just made its major technology products, most notably database 11g, available on the Amazon EC2.

In a sense nothing new technically was announced, you always could install a copy of Linux Oracle on an Amazon Machine Image but it wasn’t licensed or supported by Oracle. Now it is. Standard Oracle licensing applies and Oracle has supplied custom templates on Amazon virtual machines with the database already setup.

So far I don’t see any big limitations with it though I’m sure there are some kinks in it at this early stage. But once that gets worked out, I am already wondering, why would you run Oracle any other way? The fact that standard licensing applies does hurt the cloud scalability, Oracle will have to come up with another licensing model eventually.

Oracle being the 800 pound gorilla in the database market, I think they just shook the market up. I was expecting 2009 to be the year that a few open source databases started to appear on the cloud. It was only a few months ago that EnterpriseDB made a beta of PostgreSQL available on the EC2. Now Oracle has put it all out there.

From a brief test it appears to work. The hardest part is getting the SSH keys setup for the secure connection. After that, a few commands and a few minutes and the database is up and running, just like any other Oracle on Linux. Sweet.


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