Is Email obsolete?

Back in the old unconnected days, Email made sense. It is a way to deliver information to unconnected computers. You create a message locally, send it through some method that can involves some intermittent connections and I receive and read it locally.

Now however if you and I are both on Gmail, nothing ever really gets sent anywhere, We both effectively look up the same info at Gmail somewhere. So why then have all this email messaging overhead? It’s like using Canada Post to send a letter to someone in the same house. Why not just leave me a note at my Gmail account directly?

It all works relatively easily now because we’ve gotten so good at adding layers upon layers upon layers of software to hide each layer of complexity under the next but do we really need all those layers now? And even if you are on Hotmail and I am on Gmail surely those giants can figure out a way to connect things together without every individual user addressing every individual message. What a waste.

Something like the facebook wall makes some sense but then it sends me an email every time someone writes on it. Sigh. (I think I can turn that off right?)


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