Oracle Buys Sun Finally

So the deal is finally approved by the EU.

Despite the EU objection, I don’t think MySQL was really significant to Oracle in this deal. Oracle bought Sun for Java, which is at the core of both Oracle’s and IBM’s enterprise application stacks. Control of Java is what is important to both of them, which is why IBM made that desperate bid for Sun last year. Surprisingly, both the US and EU regulators did mention Java but both glossed over it. Oracle was probably secretly happy to have the focus on MySQL instead.
Sun’s hardware business does also round out Oracle’s product line up against IBM but Sun’s hardware hasn’t been a great business lately. It is nice hardware, maybe Oracle’s sales force can make a better go of it.

It will still be interesting to see what Oracle does with MySQL. Clearly Oracle doesn’t need another enterprise class database when the flagship Oracle database does enterprise so well and so profitably. MySQL will be cutoff at the knees somewhere and larger customers eased over to the flagship. Setting the bar too low though could help Microsoft more than Oracle. MySQL customers who feel they must move may opt for the simpler and cheaper SQLserver rather than deal with the daunting complexity of licensing and pricing Oracle database, unless the Oracle sales force does a lot of handholding and deal making.


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