CDMP Exam 1

June 1, 2010

I just wrote the first DAMA/ICCP exam for the Certified Data Management Profeessional (CDMP) certification.

By the onsite scoring, I passed easily, the offical results will take a few weeks.

This exam was Core IT skills and basuically covers the full gamut of IT skills that an IT profeessional would need. For me, after all these years in IT, it was largely a rehash of stuff I already know but with a twist. The exam is written more from a business perspective with business terminology, rather than the IT terms I am so familiar with.  I had to be careful with the terms but especially these days, there is a lot of value in knowing how to talk to the buisnes so that was focus was good.

For the most part I found the study material and the exam covered real substantial material rather than some tricky esoteric stuff that these certifications sometimes get into. Highly recommended.

My next exam will be the data management one. That is a current interest for me so I am looking forward to studying the material.

See for more info on the CDMP exams.