CDMP Exam 3

I wrote the Data Operations Beta exam at the EIM conference last week. Pending the evaluation of the beta exam, I passed at the masters level again so I am done the CDMP certification. The exam was a bit tougher than expected given that I have worked in data operations for several years. Do study the relevant sections of the DMBOK, at least for the terminology, and pay attention to data security. Security may be a bit of a dry and dull topic to study but it is an ever more important part of data operations these days.

Big thanks to Neil Hepburn for driving the whole CDMP program at IRMAC, and sitting through all those proctoring sessions. Without him I wouldn’t have done it. Also thanks to Deborah Henderson for proctoring the last one at the conference. Once I get my credentials from ICCP, maybe it will be my turn.


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