Lucid Lynx

October 6, 2010

Upgraded two of my home systems to Ubuntu 10.04 64bit Lucid Lynx and I am mighty impressed. I have been running 8.04 on another system for quite a while but never liked it enough to replace Windows. Not anymore, I will be upgrading that system and transitioning over to 10.04 completely. Only need to keep Windows for iTunes. (and why doesn’t Apple port the MacOS version of iTunes to Linux??)

First, 10.04 it is fast, really fast. Noticeably faster than even Win7 64bit on the same hardware. Perhaps it is just not bogged down with all that Windows bloatware but it makes even Win7 seem slow. As for my old WinXP (32bit) systems, forget it, not even close.

And 10.04 looks good, Both systems are ATI graphics and the new ATI drivers do a beautiful job. The new gnome desktop is much better too.

I thought Win7 was both fast and good looking when I got it but this is better on both counts.