Gave up on #ubuntu on my laptop

I had to give up on Ubuntu on my Win7 laptop. It was a Wubi install and lately grub is broken on Wubi. I know a native partition install is better then Wubi but HP builds these laptops with no free partitions and until the warranty is up I’m not messing with it. I fixed grub once but broke again on the next update. It’s too fiddly to keep fixing it so I just give up for now and stick with Win7. it is slower but good enough.

Still running Lucid Lynx on one of my desktops and it’s still my fav.


One Response to Gave up on #ubuntu on my laptop

  1. Neil Hepburn says:

    I installed Hardy Heron on my dad’s computer after experiencing too many issues with x64 Vista (basically it was corrupting, requiring reinstalls, and MS would only recommend more reinstalls. Was very disappointed with MS support).

    I’ve since upgraded dad to Lucid Lynx.

    It’s very easy to use, and I feel the machine still runs very quickly. However, if an upgrade fails or there’s a driver issue, it can take a while to figure out how to fix the problem.

    That notwithstanding, I’d still wholeheartedly recommend Ubuntu.

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