Oracle SQL Data Modeler 3.0 #oracle #datamodel

March 19, 2011

Oracle has made SQL Data Modeler free again with release 3.0. But how good is it? Sometimes free is good but free doesn’t always equate to a bargain. Is it a useful tool or just better than nothing, or maybe even worse than nothing?

It has been several years since I have had one of the big data modeling tools like ERwin or ER/Studio so it hard for me to compare.

One advantage I can see is that it can be widely deployed and avoid the ERwin ghetto where only one person has access to the data models because there is only one ERwin license. And perhaps, it might also encourage some companies to have data models at all since they perceive tools like ERwin as “too expensive”. It is also integrated into SQL Developer which most Oracle users would be using anyway so it is handy.

After a quick look it seems to cover all the basics, forward / reverse engineer, schema compare, etc. The overall feel though is very clunky like typing with gloves on. For a small schema it’s okay but get any significant number of tables in there and navigation is difficult, it is difficult to even get a sense of what the model looks like. To me, it is a tool for a small shop or a small project. For a big enterprise project, you probably still need to spend the big bucks for an enterprise tool. But it’s still nice to have SQL Data Modeler around for small cases. I use SQL Developer all the time so it is right there too.


Testing post by email

March 5, 2011

Just testing a WordPress post be email

Netbeans, Oracle and Rails #oracle #rubyonrails

March 4, 2011

For this Oracle and Rails project I decided to use the Netbeans IDE. Usually I just use vi for Rails but it just seemed right to try Oracle’s IDE for an Oracle project. With the Netbeans team dropping Ruby and Rails support I thought I might be the last user but the cavalry has rushed in and saved the day. There must be a bunch of users out there.

Rails is pretty terse so I don’t see a big productivity gain from using a big IDE but it does work well enough, formats the code nicely and keeps all the files organized.

It still feels a bit weird to call Netbeans an Oracle product, and just about as weird to download it from an Oracle website.