CDMP Data Governance beta exam #datagovernance

July 5, 2011

I wrote the DAMA CDMP Data Governance beta exam recently. I scored 68%, which actually surprised me. Due to time constraints I only studied the data governance chapter of the DMBOK and attended the June MDM+DG conference in Toronto as study materials. That may have been good timing because there were some questions I recognized from material covered at the conference. There were also some questions that I didn’t understand what was being asked, which probably shows that I should have used a broader set of study materials.

This exam has a different feel from the other CDP exams, less technical, more shades of gray perhaps. I would characterize it as picking the most correct answer rather than just picking correct answer as on the more technical exams. I put that to the nature of data governance being more political than the other more technical areas. It was an interesting exam to write because of that.

I already have my CDMP so I didn’t really need to write it but beta exams are free and DAMA needs beta testers to validate the exam. If the beta is still open, I encourage anyone interested in data governance to give it a try. It helps DAMA get the exam validated and helps you to “know what you know”. It is also an interesting set of questions to work with.