#UWMath Reunion 2011

Saturday I attended the 2011 UWaterloo Math reunion, partly to take the tour that I missed on my 2009 25th anniversary reunion. On this tour I got to see the brand new Math 3 building that just opened. It has that stark minimalist look of many new public buildings where the budget is very tight but it does have a lot of natural light which makes it a pleasant place.

Other things I discovered on the tour:

They still have computer labs, I would have thought that personal laptops would make labs obsolete but there are lots of labs still and still open 24×7 as far as I could tell.

MathSOC is still there in the same place. The CSC is still there too. Hopefully the CSC couch is NOT still there, the office wasn’t open. Watsfic is gone though, perhaps moved somewhere else.

The Math 3rd floor lounge is now the “Comfy” and the new funiture certainly is comfy, you could easily sleep in one of those chairs. The C+D is still there too of course

The Red Room is long gone, can’t even tell where it was. But MFCF is still there, though instead of a Honeywell and a VAX there is a bunch of high end SGI and Sun (Oracle) servers.

They still hand in assignments on paper into that big mailbox with the slots. It looks like the same one that was there 25+ yuears ago. Unbelieveable, I thought they would use email and something like PDFs long ago.

And I forgot to look for the study table donated by our 25th anniversay reunion. The students do love the study tables setup around the Math building now.The have power and network connections and many were in use even on a Saturday afternoon.


One Response to #UWMath Reunion 2011

  1. A bunch of years ago (I suspect it was in 2006 at my 25th anniversary reunion) I dropped by the CSC office, which was open at the time. It had doubled in size by taking over the Watsfic space and removing the wall in between. I asked about the dalek and someone there had heard of it and thought it was still somewhere in the building (though I’ve since read that it actually no longer exists) — it was nice for me that there was still a bit of legacy from when we were there.

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