MDM Inter-operability

July 20, 2012

Can MDM hubs inter-operate? Without a whole lot of custom code or arcane proprietary interfaces?

I attended Aaron Zornes presentation on the state of MDM today at the MDM Summit Toronto and frankly I found it to be a bit depressing. First, no one product does everything well. So to do everything well, I might want to use more than one vendor, if that was possible. Second, I will get several vendors products together whether I want to or not due to MDM and RDM being bundled into the application stacks by the big vendors like Microsoft and Oracle.

If I am going to have several MDM products together, can these things talk to each other? Now I’m sure there lots of SI’s out there that would be happy to charge handsomely to build some custom interfaces. There may also be some proprietary interfaces out there but these will always behave differently depending on the vendor and each will have its custom setup.

What I’d really like to see is an industry standard protocol for MDM hubs so that there would be relatively predictable results when hubs work together and without a whole lot of custom code or setup to support.

I’ve never seen such a thing though, or even a discussion about it.