Is #Hadoop the Next #bigthing

Yes Hadoop is the #bigdata thing but is it the next big thing in general? Is it time to stop talking about #bigdata and just say #data? It is time to take these so called bigdata technologies mainstream for the whole data centre?

There are some attractive ideas about having Hadoop in the centre of your data centre

· The cost of saving data drops so low, you can just save everything and worry about it later. Without all that expensive ETL, aggregation, and dimensional modelling running up costs for storing data you don’t even know if you really need yet.

· The cost moves to the extract side with "schema on read" . It may even be higher but presumably you know the value of extracting it at this point so it makes sense to have the cost here.

· It is truly enterprise scale. How often do we talk about 5 year plans to "boil the ocean" for some enterprise wide initiative like MDM . This is an ocean that can be boiled in days or even hours.

· It is open source so you can store your data without vendor lock in

The big question though, is what do you really do with it.

· I can’t imagine many business users writing Python scripts to run on Spark for example. The users that can will have a big early advantage though.

· So you still need those legacy data marts and report repositories hung off of it. Users already complain that their data warehouses and data marts aren’t real time enough now. doesn’t adding Hadoop in the middle make this worse?

· For now that is, until there are new tools that let users build and query datasets off the Hadoop cluster easily. Spark sort of does this now, though not easily. Once these are available, those data marts and report repositories will fade away

The modern data architecture will be something like the HortonWorks DataLake in the middle with new Hadoop enabled tools and all those legacy RDMSs and DataMarts strung around the periphery. All of the interesting work in the next 5 years will centre around this DataLake , the new tools, and the connections to it. Everything else will be just maintenance.


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