MySQL Workshop

November 2, 2016

Last week I attended a MySQL workshop presented by Oracle

The main feature of the workshop was to introduce the development release of MySQL 8.0. This is the next major release, for several reasons Oracle is skipping from 5.7 to 8.0.

There are a couple of changes that make MySQL look more like Oracle Database

– A new table based data dictionary replacing the text file based one

– A SYS schema that looks somewhat like the Oracle Database one, with management views

The other big item is a JSON based database engine, to compete with MongoDB. MySQL JSON retains the ACID transactions of MySQL so in that way it is a bit different from Mongo. It will be slower but more durable. This is implemented with an entirely new protocol called X, rather than extensions to the SQL protocol. It just didn’t fit into the SQL protocol.

Some of these features, most notably JSON, have been back ported to 5.7 as the production 8.0 release is perhaps a year away.

The 8.0 development release is available at It is still small and still installs and runs easily on a laptop.


#Ubuntu on SSD

November 1, 2016

Rescued an SSD drive from a dead laptop and repurposed it to install Ubuntu on one of my Win10 desktops. It certainly is fast, about 15 secs from cold boot to ready to work. Certainly out-performs Win10 on the same hardware. Even something as slow as Firefox just pops. Handy when I want to look up something quickly, it is faster than struggling with my iPad even.